Exclusive Guide: How To Stop Relationship Drama On Social Media

If you don’t post about your relationship on social media, you’re putting the closeness of your relationship, your own and your partner’s peace of mind, and the approval of strangers last.

Social media is quickly changing how we talk to each other and how we see the world. At the same time, it makes us more vulnerable to many bad things. If you decide to post about your relationships on social media, you might want to ask yourself why.

Here are some explanations as to why you may wish to avoid discussing your relationship on social media:

Criticism and pointless opinions

Sharing details about your relationship is like attending an audition stage to show a part of your life for review. If you post about your relationship on social media, you and your relationship are open to criticism and other people’s unasked-for opinions.

Do it in person with individuals you know and trust if you want to discuss the problems and worries you have with your relationship.

The breakup wasn’t easy.

Getting over someone is easier if you don’t post about them on social media. You and your partner had some great times; everyone felt they were along for the ride. You let people know about your relationship, but you forget that, in the end, it’s just you and your partner trying to make it work.

When a relationship ends, the drama and annoying questions about the breakup begin. But if you didn’t talk about your relationship on social media, you’d be able to heal and think about other things.

Have fun right now.

You should consider if you and your partners are really in a relationship or whether you are just playing to your supporters.

If you spend less time on social media, you’ll have more time for your partner. Think about going one night a week without your phone. Just sit down with your partner for dinner and deeply discuss how you feel. Getting to know your partner better will make your relationship happier.

It’s not the real thing.

What we share on social media is often severely filtered. Posting a picture of you and your partner smiling after a fight is not a real way to show how you feel about each other. Even though it might be fun to post a picture of you and your partner occasionally, Making a false impression of yourself online is not a good idea. Focus on how your relationship is in real life, not how it looks online.

Social media has made people want to be liked and accepted. You should be happy about more than just seeing how many likes a picture gets after you post it.

Your relationship is under too much stress.

Building a connection is challenging enough without adding the pressure of attempting to impress others. It’s unhealthy to be in a relationship with someone who needs to post about everything on social media.

Also, telling someone everything about your private life can make you the best example of real love. People suddenly think they want what you have just because they see it online. Both parties in the relationship may feel a lot of strain. Now that people want you to live up to their expectations, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s most important: making a strong bond with your partner.

Offer your partnership a stress-free space to grow, learn from errors, and progress without feeling pressured to maintain a phony online persona.

Do act with respect.

Couples should follow this simple rule: If it’s not okay in real life, it’s not on social media. In other words, if it’s not okay to flirt with an ex or a coworker and talk to them for hours, don’t do it on Instagram.

Don’t tell people about your business.

It would help if you didn’t talk about your relationship on social media privately or intimately. The 600 people who follow you don’t need to know about your partner’s mistakes or the fight you just had. Glass said doing this will only worsen things. Keep your disagreements between you and work them out in private.

Deal with the bigger issues.

If you feel insecure and stalk your partner’s page or fight with their social media friends online, you have deeper issues that need to be fixed before you and your partner can trust each other. Think about speaking with a counselor or therapist.


Most importantly, we all have the right to privacy in our relationships. Don’t let society and social media make you feel you must share everything about your life. Enjoy your privacy and closeness with your partner without feeling like everyone needs to know your deepest secrets. Your lover will love you much more if you respect his solitude.