What Do You Tell A New Mom To Make Her Feel Better?

Hard doesn’t even begin to describe what a mom does. Along with the unquestionable joys of being a mother come challenges that can be so big that they make a mother lose her way. Most of the time, it’s harder for someone new to her role to deal with these ups and downs.

Mothers need as much help as they can get, and that includes you. Kind words can make a big difference when a mother is going through hard times. Sometimes they can make someone feel less tired, cheer them up, and give them the will to fight. Keep reading to learn how to help the moms you know beat the odds and win at life.

Words of encouragement make a difference.

Moms raising kids and caring for other parts of their lives have long become strong and wise. Even though they still have problems, they are usually better able to deal with them than new moms. Most new moms make the mistake of comparing themselves to moms who have had kids for longer.

When it comes to being a mother, you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone else. Each mom should pay attention to her journey. Every mother has her way of raising children, making a relationship work, keeping the house clean, and choosing clothes. Younger moms can learn from the more experienced ones but should do their own thing.

We can all agree, though, that every mom needs a friend. On the outside, a mom might look like she has everything together, but on the inside, she might be close to falling apart. Even if they have friends and family to help them, new and experienced moms could indeed feel lost and alone because no one understands what they are going through.

Words of Encouragement to Tell Mothers

Just a few kind words can keep a mom going. Most of the time, mothers have to give up a lot, especially for their children. They offer their all without expecting anything in return, even if it means they don’t have time for themselves.

Most moms wouldn’t have it any other way, which isn’t a big surprise. They are nurturers by nature and do it without being asked. A mom can often be so tired that she shakes and cries. She sometimes feels like her goals and dreams are getting away from her. At the same time, she might not want to ask for help.

Moms of all ages need words of encouragement to keep them going. Hearing something as simple as “You’re doing a good job!” or reading a passage from a book that inspires them can motivate mothers to keep going. Help moms fight against the odds with these words of hope:

It is okay to cry.

Telling a mother that it’s okay to cry is a way to show that you understand how she feels. She might think that acting like nothing is bothering her is a sign of strength, but it won’t help her in the long run. Putting on a show for others could also make you feel bad about them.

Mothers sometimes feel like they are a burden to others when they cry. This tells them they are not alone and can cry on their shoulder. We’re all used to our moms helping us, but they also need our help.

You’re more powerful than you think.

If a mom fails, she might think she’s doing a bad job. She previously had many on her plate, so why should she try to follow the dreams she gave up when she had kids? Well, that’s because those dreams aren’t gone, and it’s never too late to go after them. A mom you know might need to hear this: she is stronger than she thinks. Raising a child while doing all the other things that come with being you is the hardest.

You’re doing an excellent job.

Many moms don’t understand how hard their job is. So don’t be afraid to tell your mom she did a good job, even if a few things went wrong. She did it! If you do what a mom does, you will make some mistakes. It’s part of the job. She did well because she got everyone through the day without any problems.

Don’t make yourself feel bad.

Mistakes happen. Mothers with more experience know to accept them and move on. On either hand, younger moms might focus on these mistakes and feel like failures because of them. Telling the moms you know to forgive themselves for the incidents that occur can help them feel better mentally and emotionally.

Positive Words May Help One Become a Better Mother

No, we are not talking about toxic optimism. We mean words that make sense of all kinds of feelings, even bad ones because that makes us human. Positive affirmations can help mothers become better caregivers, people, and members of their communities.